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Links for one and all
Send me an email if you have an interesting link. I just may add it to the list.

My Friend Kevin's site. Check it out!
My brothers site.

Sites I've designed or programmed.
There are many other sites I have worked on. However some were only work for corporate companies (such as or are intranet or internal type sites. Additionally some work as been done for companies no longer in business.

Solo / VizorGroup, Inc.
Designed the interface, but not the main framework. However, many of the supporting elements and the entire backend structure were developed by me. Unfortunately, you can't login and see it. :-)

Infrastructure Consulting Groups, Inc.
Designed and developed by me., Inc.
I was the president of this company for a year. It's in limbo now and I'm not sure what's going on with it. It's a long story maybe I'll share one day, but for now I'll just say it's a great idea with a place in this world. It just hasn't been executed to its fullest extent so far, because of numerous factors.

Warrantech Corporation.
Developed their corporate web-site from the ground up. You'll even find my car and house within it's pages.

Warrantech Consumer Product Services
This is the mockup for a design that will be implemented by this company. Hopefully it will be just as beautiful once it's done.

An informational site for a Home Warranty program that was designed by me.

Another informational site for a Home Warranty program that was designed by me.
You're here already.
Don't visit this site.

Misc. Web Based Ad Work
Link to miscellanous web based work I've done for a few companies in creating banner ads for them.

There are more, I'll add them later.

A bunch of different sites
[Some are interesting, some are useful, some are useless time wasting fun]
IMDB is the Internet Movie DataBase. This is a very cool site that allows you to look up movies, even if they were made years ago. You can then learn almost anything you would ever want to know about that film. Also lets you rate films you've seen.
Play with $50,000 (US) of fake money. Lets you play the market without risking your own money. It's free, so give it a try.
HSX is the Hollywood stock Exchange. Similiar to Investors Cup, but your investing in movies, actors, musicians. Can be alot of fun if you have oodles of time to waste.
Learn about new movies that are yet to be released and other geek news from the television or movie world. Sometimes has some really cool "scoops" ... Sometimes the scoops are just fake. But, fun none-the-less.

Coming Attractions (
Ditto the above, but much more in depth in many cases. Movies are easily archived and searchable, so this too can provide you hours of fun. Check out how many scoops were actually true for Episode I, for instance.
Interested in Star Wars? Want to hang out with other geeks? Here's the place. An added attraction is all of the news on the upcoming movies (Episode II and III.)
Want to download the trailer for that cool new film? 95% of the time, the trailer is here in glorious Quicktime color.

Technology related sites
Has links to other articles. Most technology or science related, but covering other topics as well. Heavy on the Microsoft bashing and Linux evangelising. If you can overlook this, many times the linked articles are very interesting.
Probably one of the better known technology and hardware related sites. Has hardware reviews covering PC's, motherboards, video cards, games consoles and much more.

News sites you may find interesting, or maybe not:
Web site of the Dallas Morning News. Good content if you live in or near the city. Coverage of national news is lacking and usually from the wires.

Do you want even more?
I'll add more, if you send me a link.