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    To stay employed.

  • Microsoft .NET technologies and framework. Including VB.NET, C#, ADO.NET
  • Managing teams and projects in both a web-based and client-server environment.
  • Visual Basic 3/4/5/6, ASP (Active Server Pages / VBScript), Cold Fusion, COM, JavaScript, ADO, SQL, HTML, DHTML, CSS, ActiveX, XML, XSLT, SOAP, MTS, FrontPage, Visual SourceSafe, Visual Interdev.
  • Internet Information Server (IIS) Installation and Administration (3.X/4.x/5.0) including multiple domains on one box, and load balancing.
  • Crystal Enterprise Server installation and use.
  • SQL Server 6.5/7/2000, Some Experience with Oracle 8
  • Skilled with web-site design and visual implementation of web-based applications, including intranet, e-commerce and other applications.
  • Adobe Photoshop, other UI creation programs, including Flash 5.
  • Experienced in dealing with computers and computer-related problems Including software and hardware installation and trouble-shooting
  • Exposure to AS/400 and technologies.
  • Experienced in DOS, Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0, 2000 (Server and Workstation) and XP.


Software Developer
digiChart, Inc. April 1st, 2002 - Present
Nashville, TN

    Working on an electronic medical record (EMR) for OB/GYN offices. My goal is to NOT find a new job. I kinda like it here.

Web Developer / Consultant
Warrantech Corporation August 2001 - April, 2002
Euless, TX

    Redesigned an internal helpdesk application utilizing ASP.NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET, C# and a SQL Server 7 backend. XML used for web new release feeds. Converted from Beta 2 to Production .Net Feb. 2002. These took advantage of the OO design of the .NET. framework.

    Completely redesigned the corporate website. Utilized CSS, ASP, and DHTML, and XML. Began project to convert corporate site to .NET after official release. Worked on numerous other web-based projects from small internal applications to larger external and/or customer facing applications. Also, many smaller informational sites created as well.

    Converted single server web environment into a web-farmed environment. This included over 15 separate sites spread across multiple servers. Completely responsible for web based server uptime. Web-farm based servers achieved 100% uptime from end of August 2001 until present. Mentor developers working on projects for internal web-based applications.

DataReturn Corporation
Tier 1 Lead / Developer
December 2000 - August 2001
Las Colinas, TX

    Participated in the front-end, object, and UI design and development for a large internal facing intranet site. This required me to work extensively with Microsoft .NET framework, including ASP.NET, VB.NET, and ADO.NET among others. Also had the opportunity to work with C# on some projects.

    Participated in the Microsoft.NET beta program and newsgroups to report bug, recommend enhancements and provide other feedback as needed. Also participated in converting Beta 1 to Beta 2 code, with an on-site Microsoft team to provide feedback to.

    Worked extensively with ASP.NET to become the resident expert for the presentation layer of the new internal system. Created a .NET object to automatically create portions of the UI experience based on information read from an XML document. Mentored others as needed on other internal objects utilizing the .NET framework.

    Created the security object design and implementation. This consisted of handling all aspects of security from setup, to internal and external user logins., Inc.
Manager & Technical & Team Lead (President)
March 2000 - December 2000
Allen, TX

    Responsible for all aspects of design, development and implementation of the website.
    3-5 employees under my direct supervision at any one time. Facilitated all aspects of the design process, including look and feel.

    Applications developed for the site include: online, database of movie reviews, church, school and business search, yellow page listings, database of exclusive daily devotionals, and a shopping district. These were all developed using ASP 3.0, VBScript, Visual Basic 6, Visual InterDev 6, COM+, IIS 5 and SQL*Server 7.

    Front-end consisted of HTML, DHTML, CSS and client side JavaScript to interact with an IIS 5 Server running under Windows 2000 Advanced Server. ASP was used to handle and generate all client side content, including any personalized content.

    Security and User objects implemented using Visual Basic COM+ and built-in IIS 5 objects to verify and store security settings and personalized user information. Experienced with using simple encryption before storing User Data in a SQL*Server 7 database.

    Daily News implemented via an XML interface for retrieval and personalization. Developed a web-site creation tool using SA-Fileup, VBScript and IIS 5.0. This allowed users to create and maintain websites on the servers utilizing templates and web wizards.

    Installed and configured Windows 2000 Advanced Server (IIS 5.0), including hosting multiple domains on one server. Install and administer IMail 5.0/6.0 POP3/SMTP and web client.

CompuCom, Inc.
Web Developer
February 1999 – March 2000
Dallas, TX

    Mentor other developers on the use of ASP and other Microsoft products.

    Responsible for recommending designing and performing development of two online applications. Additionally, responsible for daily maintenance of these applications.

    Perform online maintenance of existing Cold Fusion templates for the Web Services website ( Facilitated and assisted in the conversion of the website from Cold Fusion 3.1/4.0 to ASP.

    Participated in the design and implementation of new features and systems. Created business COM objects that reside in MTS on a Windows NT 4.0 server utilizing Visual Basic 6.0. These COM objects contained the business rules for Customer tracking and ticket creation for a national service support team. These COM objects interacted with both SQL*Server 7 and Oracle 8 via ADO.

    Utilized ASP, VBScript and Cold Fusion for server-side processing of templates to handle eCommerce business-to-business transactions, online order processing, online order tacking, and other customer transactions. All consumer information was stored in a SQL*Server 7 database and accessed via ADO.

Programmer / Web Developer
February 1998 – February 1999
Dallas, TX

    Worked on a three-tier client server application. A Visual Basic 5.0 front-end was implemented accessing a SQL*Server 6.5 backend. COM objects were used to handle processing. Additionally, ActiveX was used in GUI design to facilitate later in a proprietary web based application.

    Created COM object to handle user reports. This was accomplished using Visual Basic and Crystal Reports and Microsoft word for transparent report generation.

    Worked as part of a five-member team to design and implement an Object model based on database structure and application need. This was accomplished using Rational Rose.

    Helped develop and implement the company website using HTML, ASP, SQL and Visual Interdev 6.0, running on a Windows NT 4.0 server.

    Technical lead on project to create the company intranet. It utilized ActiveX objects created using Visual Basic 6.0, ASP, VBScript and HTML and SQL*Server 6.5. Designed and implemented a company business-to-business auction site using Cold Fusion 3.1, Cold Fusion Studio, and Visual InterDev 6.0. All scripting was performed in Cold Fusion exclusively. Data was stored in SQL*Server 6.5.

    Helped in day to day maintenance and creation of proprietary Visual Basic applications, utilizing COM objects that resided both in and out of MTS. Information was stored in a SQL*Server 6.5 database. Additionally, ActiveX components were used for GUI side design for reuse in other applications.

Operations Analyst
[Formally TRW IS&S]
1993- February 1998

    Responsible for designing, developing, documenting and supporting an credit card authorization program using Visual Basic 4.0/5.0 and a MS Access database. Designed and supported two additional applications utilizing MS Access and Visual Basic 3.0/4.0/5.0.

    Responsible for the design and implementation of the National Consumer Assistance Center (NCAC) intranet. This was accomplished by using NT 4.0, IIS 3.0 and CGI applications for form processing.

Joshua’s Christian Stores
    Responsible for day-to-day operation of the store, including employee relations, payroll, training, store setup and invoicing. Managed between 3-5 employees during this time.

    I work well in a fast paced, high-demand environment. Also, I work well in a team-based or isolated development structure. I look forward to new and exciting challenges that would utilize my current abilities, while still allowing me to acquire new skills. People value my technical prowess, creativity and dedication to the job.
    Professional References for the above positions & projects gladly provided upon request.